What is BuilderAll?

BuilderAll is an internet marketing platform created about 8 years ago and it over this time it has gained a lot of attention and praise but every person has signed up for their services. BuilderAll was created with internet marketing in mind. Erick Salgado, the BuilderAll founder, starting working with one goal in mind, “Transform entrepreneurship world using digital market”.

This idea took them on a great journey, and now you can experience it too. BuilderAll was able to create an interface or a software in which you can access all the tools you need to help you succeed in the internet marketing world. BuilderAll has over sixteen marketing tools. Tools like Autoresponders, drag and drop page creators, SEO tools, Social media integration, Sales Funnels. But they didn’t stop there, Their idea wasn’t just creating a software or a tool for marketers to use. They creating a community around it. Offering more than just a great platform, marketing, training and customer support are also areas were they excel too.

As an internet marketer, there are tools you will have to use in order to become competitive on the web, You will need a way to attract customer, make visitors become sales. Increase traffic to your website or blog. This tools already existed, but there was no platform where you can have all of them together; BuilderAll made that possible.


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Is BuilderAll a good fit for me?

My area of focus in this website is in how to make money online, specifically affiliate marketing. In this particular niche, Affiliate marketing, you have to use tools, Email marketing tools, lead capture pages, sales funnels among the most common ones. I was paying for every single one of those tools separately, which it adds up.  Whether you are starting out or been online for a while using BuilderAll is a great choice. All the tools I mention above, range from $20 up to $200 maybe $300. Builder all make is all possible for just a fraction of the cost.

Find your Opportunity with BuilderAll

They are offering three different price plans, depending on what is your particular goal. If you just want to create a website their plan costs about $10 per month. They also offer a digital marketing package full of features for about $30 per month. And to top it off they do also offer a Business plan. In the Business plan, you get all features included in the previous packages with the opportunity to make money to.

They run promotion and offers, but the strength is in the support and training they offer for people who want to work with them. The affiliate or as they call it business program they offer is like anything you haven’t seen. Watch the video below for more details.

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