How I started

how I started

How I started

Hello there

My name is Rodolfo, I started my internet adventure about two years ago or so, and it’s been fun, crazy, frustrating but overall a great learning experience.

I put together this website for those who decided, like me, venturing into the online world. I started because I wanted to make money online and after many, many learning experiences I decided to help other people who want to achieve the same I do. Within these pages, you will find information about services or add-ons you might want to consider. Some may be important, some may not depending on your particular idea, but I will present options with the making money Idea in mind.

Online Business

My roadmap

About two years ago I started selling items on eBay, it was an incredible experience, this was my first encounter with the possibility of making money online idea. After a while, I came across one of those videos on how to create your own store for free in just a few minutes. I liked the idea (especially because it said FREE), but later on, when I was quite deep into it I found out it wasn’t FREE. To be fair only a part of it was free, to finish what I started I needed to sign up for services or buy other add-ons.

I was surprised, or maybe not, I knew somewhere there was a catch. So what I decided to dig even deeper and see if I can really have and run a website for free. It turns out that you can create a website at a very low cost, but not for free. I created my e-store which it did not succeed, a little glum but determined,  I kept on learning about why and what I was missing…

Here is where I started to compare paid vs free services like hosting, domains and website creations among a lot of others. At this point, I was derailed from what I really wanted to achieve online. But al that I learned it helped back then and now It will help you.

During the time I spent, learning I encounter myself with more options on how to make money online. That’s when I found Affiliate marketing. a great way to make money and what I been doing for a while now. Here is where the juice is.

My advice:

“ If you are serious about making money online, you have to treat it as a business” What do I mean by this? well… If you talk to anyone that started a business they will tell you one of the first things you will need to make it happened is capital, in other words, you will have to invest some money into any business to help it take off. This also applies to Internet business. Now Do not get scared, or discouraged, I am going to be honest with you. You will have to learn some things, but I will point you in the right direction and there will be some investment needed on your part, that will be time and dedication. That will determine your success.

Let’s make it Happened 

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