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What is a Landing Page

In this post, I want to talk about what is a Landing Page or also Kwon as a lead or capture page. All these terms refer to the same type of page. Entering into the online world you will be exposed to these and other terms, I want to present them to you to help you avoid any confusion and aid in the understanding of some subjects.

Landing pages are separate from your main website. They are built for one purpose only, to provide specific information to get information fro their visitors, most of the time is just their email address. Now, why do companies need your email address? Short answer: “increase sales”; explanation: Online not everytime you see an offer you pull out your credit card and buy, sometimes you can’t, so when they have your email address, they store it in a list and later on the will send you an email, kind of reminding you “hey remember those shoes your where looking at? – you can buy them now”.  The Goal of a Landing Page is to gather people’s email address in order to create a list.

How a Landing Page accomplish its purpose? It does it by using different methods. Some are by providing crucial information and offering something in return, like a discount or coupon,  by giving you documents with more information about a specific subject, free trials or creating a sense of urgency. These are some of the methods used, I am sure you have put your email address in several places to get those freebies, I have too.

A few years back creating or having a Landing Page wasn’t as important as it is today. With the increasing number of business online the competition to get costumer has become more sophisticated, and the use of landing pages is a great tool when you are trying to have your business thrive. With that being said is safe to say that you rather sooner than later will be using one too. Nothing wrong with it, in fact, I’d say you should set a Landing page even before you need it. It will help you, promise

Like most of the online services, we can find a great number of companies offering landing pages services.

Landing pages companies:

Marketing tools

  • Lead pages
  • Lander
  • Instapage
  • Unbounce
  • BuilderAll

The core service all these companies offer are almost identical some features worth mentioning are A/B testing, page builders, integrations and countdown timers, and their pricing will vary depending on the add-on features they have. Prices range from $30 to $70 per month and this variation in the price will depend on things like visitors per month, custom domains or other apps integrations.

Now, if you are going to capture leads with this pages those emails will have to be stored somewhere, right? Here is where you have to integrate your autoresponder with your landing page service. If you need to know about autoresponders Click here to read the article I posted about autoresponders. When comparing services have also in mind that some autoresponder services also offer a landing page service, so make sure you check that option too before sign up for a specific service. It is not necessary to get both services from the same provider, I don’t and it works perfectly for me.

All the companies I mentioned before they do deliver an outstanding service, making it hard when deciding. But my recommendation goes to BuildeAll. Excellent platform with so many perks. If you ask me I would say without a doubt BuilderAll, they offer more than just Landing pages which it makes more sense to me at the end of the day. BuilderAll is my number one tool, and to explain the reason why I wrote this article where I go into more details about it Click here to find out.

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